The Truth About Red Dresses and Sexuality

Red, the color of blood and of fire, is associated with passion,strength, desire and love. This is an intense color. Wearing red makes you stand out from the crowd. Definitely not a color for anyone who'd rather blend in with the background.

Different shades of red mean different things. Light red represents joy, sexuality, passion, sensitivity. Of all shades of red, if it is sexuality you want to project, wear light red.
Red is associated with warmth, and comfort but it also excites a person and intensifies emotions. Red is very sexy color. It excites a person.
In pop culture, women in red dresses are depicted dangerously sexy. Think of the vampire in a silk red dress. Or Jessica Rabbit, the dangerously sexy toon in that red dress that hugs every exaggerated curve. She's one of the good guys though. In her own words, "I'm not bad...I'm just drawn that way..."
Or how about the song Lady In Red?
Or the sultry actresses like Penelope Cruz or Monica Bellucci in that sexy red dress she wore while promoting Dior's lipstick Rouge Dior.
Imagine a black tie function graced by men in black tuxedos and women in elegant black dresses. A stunning woman in a red dress strides confidently into the room. All eyes would be on her. Red makes her stand out from the crowd. The color radiating sexuality and sensuality invariably draws the attention of the red blooded men to her, rather than the other women who stream into the room wearing black, like everyone else.

Red is not an easy color to wear though. It is intense. Very in your face. You can wear it with confidence and wow the crowds, or you can squirm under the attention you'd get from wearing that fire engine red dress. Your choice.

Different shades of red suit different women. If you look better in browns, golds, oranges and earth tones, a tomato red would bring out the best in you. If you look better in blues, blacks and silvers, crimson would make you look stunning. Just remember, when you wear red, carry yourself confidently. Confidence is sexy.

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