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Supervisor of the cabin
Name of the post: Supervisor of the cabin
Category: Full Time
Reports to: Operations Manager
Payment rate: $ 16 - $ 20 per hour

Position summary:

The supervisor is responsible for servicing the needs of individual airlines and the associated requirements of their aircraft in accordance with the policies and procedures of airlines and JetStream for all aspects of the successful cabin cleaning process. The supervisor coordinates the duties of the staff and delegates in the in-house crew. The supervisor will encourage and build trust, respect and cooperation among team members, thus motivating staff, individually and as a group.

Key duties and responsibilities:

-Oversee maintenance and strict compliance with the schedules of the individuals concerned
-Daily briefings to convey relevant information eg daily flight activity, irregular operations, crew appointments, new / changed standard operating procedures, barter swap rules, areas needing improvement, etc.
-Monitoring team activities through visual inspection, quality assurance and compliance testing
-Ensure the timely completion of designated tasks and report any deviations in the procedures to management
-Consultation with management on the evaluation of workers' performance and / or disciplinary action
-Ensure that the cabin service agents comply with the standard and visible Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) policies
-Monitor and enforce safety procedures, including daily vehicle safety audits
-Ensure that the cabin service agents are kept abreast of company policies and safety regulations
-Oversee warehouse stock, regularity and cleanliness
-Complete checklist of equipment and vehicles
-Develop and maintain good relationship with airport business partners and airline staff.
-Send immediate notification to management when you anticipate or encounter irregular operations that may affect our team members or service to our customers
-Stay professional and ensure that all cabin service agents remain conscientious and enthusiastic when you finish your job
-Check emails twice a day and use e-mail etiquette at all times
-Other duties identified


-Knowledge of the strong operation of flight operations
-Understand the work schedule
-Knowledge of operational flow (activity per hour / daily activity)
-Ability to develop effective relationships at all levels
-You should be able to read, write, converse and understand English (preferably bilingual)
-Education and experience required:
-High School Certificate or General Education (GED)
-1-2 years of supervisory experience of an airline or experience overseeing individuals in a related field
-1-2 years of experience as aircraft cleaner and / or master aircraft cleaner

Physical requirements:

-The physical requirements described here represent those that the employee must fulfill to perform the essential tasks successfully. In performing the duties of this position, the employee shall regularly
-Able to walk, sit and stand for a long period of time
-Able to access and clean general items
-Go up the stairs and land safely with and without bearing any weight
-Able to lift up to 25 lbs safely. Often up to 50 lbs. From time to time
-Bending, bending, reaching overhead, repeated frequent
-Walk up / down the plane bridge stairs at different angles
-Able to push and pull at times
-Work environment

Additional Requirements:

-Has a valid US driver's license
-You must pass a drug screen and a 10-year background check (FAA)
-Reliable way of transport to access the work site on time
-Ready to work in the evenings, weekends and holidays
-You must be able to handle multiple tasks and ask for help from fellow team members as necessary
-You should be able to perform in a fast paced environment while maintaining a professional and effective approach to high pressure situations
-You should be able to interact directly with customers, airline staff and team members to solve problems and issues that may arise during the transition

-Internal candidates must have a recommendation from the supervisor directly


-JetStream Ground Services, Inc. Competitive salaries and comprehensive benefits including new paid guidance for rental, training, holidays, personal leave (PTO) and health insurance including Dental and 401 (k) have endless opportunities to move forward.

-This function works in a professional office environment as well as in the outdoor environment of the airport ramp. The employee may be exposed to elements including but not limited to heat, rain, snow and loud noise. Hours will vary based on operational needs. A flexible schedule must be available for work to include evenings, weekends and holidays.

-JetStream Ground Services, Inc. As an employer with equal opportunity, to make employment decisions based on the needs of the work and qualified candidates to the best available

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