10 Important Fashion Tips for Hourglass Shaped Women

Oh, look at how the world has changed women to be conscious of their god-gifted beauty! The way you look, your skin, color, hair color, height features etc. are some of the features you do not have control upon. However, there are certain “standards” set by the society that a certain type of woman (who has features that they find attractive) is the only ones who are beautiful! My god! The perfect body shape considered hourglass is even criticized in certain parts of the world because they feel it’s tempting! However, being sassy and sexy in your body is what we call beauty, moreover, an hourglass figure is a sexy one!

However, what is the use of having a great shape if you cannot flaunt it well? Often, what suits a banana, triangle, or pear-shaped lady, is not your cup of tea. Your body hassexy curves that demand to be flaunted! Therefore, here are some Important Fashion Tips for Hourglass Shaped Womenthat you would want to note down to keep as a checklist for your next shopping spree! And If you need any help on How to Pick the Right Dress for Your Flower Girl? Here is how you can do that!

1- Bodycon? Oh, They Are Your Best Friends!
The hourglass figure is the most desirable shape that women want to get. The 36-24-36 figure is best to have a bodycon dress! Have a sexy bodycon dress for an intimate dinner with your date. On the other hand, you can wear a bodycon out while chilling with friends by pairing it with a denim jacket and shoes. Also, have these Styling Tips to Make Your Legs Look Longer.

2-A Sexy Two Piece

A sexy two-piece comprising of a fitted top with a skin-hugging skirt is always the best alternative for the bodycon dresses. Moreover, they make you look chic while bodycon give a rather formal classy look. Opt for a rather neutral color for the daytime and a bold shade for the night. And since Coachella is around the corner, here are Trending Coachella Outfits Ideas to Steal Right Now!

3-Say Yes! To The Wrap Dress…

Wrap dresses are a savior when it comes to having something different yet elegant. They are suitable for any occasions if you get them in the best colors. They hug your waistline, which makes it look smaller and attractive and hence exaggerate your looks. With this, we have Professional Spring Work Attires to Try this Year!

4-And To The Wrap Tops Too

Just like the wrap dresses, wrap tops too are a good option for the hourglass-shaped lady who is proud of her curves! You can pair it up with jeans or skirt that is complimenting to its color and look. Carry a sling bag with it to have a chic look and don’t forget those shades darling! And if your man has short hair, give him these beard styles tips.

5- Show Off Your Curves With A V Neck Line

Having fuller breasts is an advantage that you have! Many women say they don’t like it, but secretly we all know how we wish to have them! So show it off with a V-neck line for your tops. This will add length to your upper body. Choose a top with v neckline and pair it with any lower like a skirt, a jegging even pants for a formal look. And here are Compelling Reasons Why Second-Hand Should be Your First Choice!

6-An A-Line Skirt For A Happy Go Lucky Day

Want to feel a little flowy for the happy go lucky day? Opt for an A-line skirt with a V-neck top. For a formal look, have solid colors in your skirt and top combo while for a casual day, you can experiment with some prints. Wear high heels with it and carry a handbag with it. Here are Types of Long Evening Dresses to Look Flawless for your date nights!

7-A Pencil Skirt For A Sexy Look

A pencil skirt turns over any boring day into a happening one. Often the pencil skirt is worn to formal events and business meetings but you can also have them for a casual meet up. Pair it with a cute top or a satin shirt for an elegant look.

8-Go For A Skin Tight Jeans
The best fashion advice to an hourglass-shaped woman is to hug her curves. Wearing skintight jeans will surely help you with that. Wear it with a floral printed wrap top or a crop top for a sizzling look. And for the maintenance of your jeans here are tips and hacks to clean them!

9-High Waist Pants Work Wonders
Opting for jeans or pants that are high waist highlights your booty curves and hides belly fat if you have any. Choose a cute crop top with this outfit that can be of subtle colors. Leave your hair open in straight locks and wear cute rings that match your necklace.

10-Accessorize With That Belt At The Waist
To make your jeans or skirts looks sexier, opt for a belt at the waist. You can also wear a line dress and use a thin glittery belt to highlight your waist. With this, here are Work-Appropriate Spring Outfits for Women 2019

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