Your WayTo Become A Cabin Crew

To be a cabin crew is a dream of thousands of young persons throughout the world. It is a great job that let you travel and get paid at the same time. If you enjoy being in the aircraft, taking care of the passengers and flying to foreign lands, then the career of cabin crew is the right choice for you.

The cabin crews are in the aircraft for safety and security reasons. The handling of the passengers and ensuring their comfort are their added responsibility. The crews are trained to handle the emergency situation such emergency landing on land and on water. They are also capable of handling medical situations in flight, such as managing the heart attack and child's birth.
The followings are the suggestions for your path to become a cabin crew.
1. Check the jobs requirements. 

Different airlines will have slightly different requirements. The requirements can be in the following areas, however please check with the airline:
a. Citizenship - It is normal for an airline to employ the citizen of the country. However, there are some airlines, like the airlines in the Middle East, employ foreign crews. This is due to some cultural barriers that discourage the women to seek job especially as a cabin crew.
b. The education and language requirements are stipulated. English is normally a requirement for an international airline.
c. Physical requirements - There is a minimum height required. This is because; the emergency equipments are located in the overhead compartments, so the crew should be able to reach them.
2. Learn About The Duties and responsibility 

There are two reasons to this. First, you need to be very sure that the job is what you want, and secondly, to prepare for the interview.
Flight attendants duties include:
  • Handle emergency situations in order to ensure that the passengers are safe.
  • Make sure passengers are comfortable, by serving food and beverages.
  • Answer passenger queries as pleasantly as possible.
  • Provide first aid
  • Demonstrate evacuation and safety procedures
  • Assist all passengers, especially children and physically impaired individuals to their seats.
  • Perform the required inflight sales.
3. Prepare a good CV. 

A good curriculum vitae can determine whether you will be call for the interview. Prepare a generic CV first, you may need a professional to write for you. The important points on your resume may include the relevant work experience you had, as well as foreign language, and first aid knowledge. You should also stress out your readiness to relocate. When you had identified the airline offering the job vacancy, review and modify the CV to suit the requirements of the airline.
4. Look for the vacancy 

When you had completed the above requirements, then you can be on the look for the vacancy. You may review the major newspapers and the airlines websites. You may like to make a list of your preferred airlines. Most airlines will require the crews to be located at the operating base.
5. Prepare for the interview 

When the airline invites you an interview, you must prepare well: this is the chance to impress them. Wear a neutral suit, black shoes (for men) and descent office attire (for women). Please do not wear excessive jewelry. Make sure you show an air of professionalism and confidence, and answer all their questions as honestly and clearly as you can.
About the selection and interviews Process 
The interview is the gateway to you career. There are many tips and suggestions of how to prepare for the interview. The selection and interviews by the company is normally being conducted in a series of stages. The following is an example:
a. The application - The company will review your application and resume. This is the time to throw the obvious non qualified persons based on the documents. So, it is very important to prepare a good resume to check that all the required information are included. A person can be disqualified due to technical reasons, such as forgetting to sign your application.
b. The walk-in interview - This is the first interview to confirm your resume and check for the requirements. The airline will check your qualification, height and weight and your physical characteristics.
If you had met the requirements, then you will be put into groups of eight for the group interview. The airline will reject the obvious, and select the potential. If you cannot speak the language, you will be rejected. If you cannot show your ability to work in a group, you will be out also.
c. Individual Interviews - Airlines in Asia tend to be very critical about selecting the right kind of people for the job of cabin crew. This is because, these airlines consider the cabin crew as a marketing asset to attract customers.

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