Flight Attendants - Cabin Crew Training

Flight Attendants - Cabin Crew Training

-Cabin crew, also known as flight attendants, air hosts or stewards, have a very rewarding position in the airline industry as part of the aircrew. It is falsely believed that anyone can get a cabin crew job, but in reality this position is not one suited for just anyone. Cabin crew training is extensive and covers subjects you wouldn't think would apply.

-You must study and learn the different types of aircraft as well as how to handle airlines passengers in various situations. They are trained in the most up to date safety protocols for airlines and routinely deal with irate customers on a daily basis.

-If this type of job sounds exciting to you then it is fairly simple to get ready for an entry level position in the field. Various schools can be found that offer you classes on everything you will need to know. Some classes can even be taken online, all for a reasonable rate. These classes will get you a certificate that you can use to obtain an entry level position in the air industry.

-Since 9/11, cabin crews have became even more skilled in airline safety then ever before. They study extensively about hijacking and how to properly handle those situations. Airline safety training is mandated by the FAA. Self-defense training, while not required, is offered to every cabin crew member free of charge if they choose to accept this training. Sadly, however, because flight attendants must take this training on a non paid day off, few have taken the opportunity.

-Flights with 20 or more passengers require a Certificate of Demonstrated Proficiency to let the airline company know you have met the requirements needed to handle any situation you might encounter in the air.

-If you are still interested in this industry there is still one more thing to consider. Airlines generally have height and weight requirements. These are usually because of the tight quarters of an aircraft. Air lines want their flight attendants to be tall enough to reach the overhead cabins and not to large as to have trouble passing through the isles doing passenger checks.

-If cabin crew training sounds like it is right for you then you should begin your search by applying through some airlines. Most companies in the air industry have localized training. Alternatively, you can choose online classes, but in class is recommended for the purpose of hands on study.

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