Challenges Of Becoming Flight Attendant

Flight attendant or air steward would be the most desirable for many people, especially for young generation who are in 22-30 years of age. This group of people is usually fresh graduate from the university and looking for a job that has good pay and becoming flight attendant is the one that they first think about. Apart from that, they may find that working in this job could represent that they have come to international level, they can meet people and gain experience from the work in international environment and also according to the information that they receive from friends and relative who got experience of working as a flight attendant.

However, meanwhile the positive side of this job is widely recognised among people, but there are some negative side which only people who have experience could explain. It is about hard-working environment that they have to work. Bad customer service experience during the flight, problem about passengers, lack of time to rest as they have to travel a lot as well as the payment which not as good as expected for some airlines.
Therefore, it is become more challenging for the new graduates or any one who are interested to become flight attendant. They have to learn more information regarding all aspect to this job in order to make final decision whether they really want to get into this industry. If they love to travel and love to service people and want to working hard in international environment regardless to the income, then this job may be suitable for you. But if you are the person who just want to get into this job because you heard that it make very good income with just a little effort, they strongly suggest that become flight attendant is not what you are expecting.

For travel, if you want to be in this job, you have to be sure that you may be miss many of important opportunity to stay at home with your family during very important holiday such as Christmas, Easter and so on. This is because you have to travel all the time according to your flight schedule and this circumstance seems to be unavoidable.
However, as the great benefit of being flight attendant is widely recognised, you will have many chances to travel around the world. You will be able to go to the country that you are dream about, have chances to get to know many of good places, travel destinations, restaurants and the most important one is you will have a chance to get new friends from many country meanwhile you also get paid for this. Therefore, if you think that you are the person who love to travel and hard working, this job is really suitable for you.
Selecting airline to work with is also important aspect. This will affect to your level of income. However, there is average rate of income for flight attendant. This factor sometimes have to be taken into account because if you have choice to work with the airline that pay more, it would be good for you and your future career path.

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